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Lew’s Studio

Lew's Studio where she creates her artThis is my second home.  There’s an orderly clutter of equipment on my big table under the windows.  In the foreground is my encaustic setup.  The tin hood is connected to an exhaust fan which provides ventilation for the fumes rising from the hot wax.  Pans of paint that I’m using sit on a hotplate so they are always ready to use.  There’s a heat gun and a torch, both used for fusing layers of wax together.  You don’t clean encaustic brushes; just let them harden.  So I have lots of brushes with different colors of paint.  When I want to use a brush I just soften it with heat.  Other tools I use on the wax are etching needles, scrapers, blades.  On the wall beyond the table I hang pieces I’m working on.